Sergey Petrossov Interview

JetSmarter is a mobile community for shared and private flights. This company, which was founded by young entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov in 2009, is the first company to efficiently connect private plane owners and providers with customers that would either like to book a full private jet or rent a seat on an exclusive chartered flight.
While that in itself would allow more people to experience flying in a private jet, Petrossov wants to further encourage the concept of jet-sharing, which, much like ridesharing, would further allow friends (or even strangers, for that matter) to band together, split the cost of the flight, and then fly in style to the destination of their choice.

There are around 18,000 jets across the globe, so this adds up to millions of underutilized paid hours The marketplace that Sergey Petrossov has created helps to decrease the underutilized hours and create product lines with the ability to book and entire jet or just one seat.
We connect our members with thousands of flights that become available from our air carrier partners, and I'm particularly proud of our ability to secure the right supply of flights on the platform, which has helped JetSmarter deliver unmatched services to our users.

A few friends had introduced him to private jets, and he started asking questions, as he puts it, about how the heck this industry was run.” His big idea was to apply the Uber model to private jets, which spent too much time grounded or flying empty.
When he was working at a startup that provided customer service, Sergey realized that starting up businesses in technology would allow him to reach his full potential His first business was an educational company called Federal System Distance Learning.
After developing an app, his vision to create more private flights was practical. Intrigued and determined to find a way to make the private flight experience much more convenient, he started researching the industry and formulating solutions. I co-founded two IT projects prior to JetSmarter: an online chat system for website customer service, and a distance-learning platform for Russian speaking educational institutions.

I am particularly proud of our ability to secure the right supply of flights on the platform, which has helped JetSmarter deliver unmatched services to Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. our users. He applied his entrepreneurial and technological expertise to create a mobile platform for private jet booking, which became JetSmarter.
Finally, his interest in travel, computer science, and technology makes him come up with more discoveries in the business, transport, and technology industry. One of the benefits to travel by private jet is skipping the hassle of TSA. They built the first beta-version of the JetSmarter App in August 2012, which was used by a closed group of people.

That was my first experience working with engineers and I learned with technology how much value you can bring in a short amount of time. If you are a busy professional that travels a lot for work, you just may need to ditch your commercial flights and book a private jet.
Its technology and efficient platform - driven by algorithms, artificial intelligence and mobile distribution - optimizes inventory to drive down prices, create availability, and gives JetSmarter the resources to continue to grow U.S. and globally. His inspiration for the idea began in 2009 when he started using private jets to travel, and he realized that the archaic, and mostly-analog, industry had plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth.

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