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James River Capital is an independent investment firm that assists a myriad of clients when it comes to reaching their goals. In addition to a strong analytical and strategic approach to investment with innovative strategies and confident execution, James River Capital Chairman and CEO Paul Saunders believes that the human factor underlies every aspect of the business world.
Regardless, it is unnecessary for the Court to answer the hypothetical question of whether the Plaintiffs might be found to have failed to state a claim for relief as to indemnification if James River is ultimately determined to have some defense obligation pursuant to an untimely disclaimer.

Paul Saunders has been successful at James River Capital by following an investment strategy that adds alternative investments to traditional James River Capital Vimeo, Manakin Sabot, Virginia fixed income and equity instruments This gives the firm more options and larger markets than those available to many other asset managers.
Later, Saunders was the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. before becoming President of KP Futures Management Corp. Paul Saunders founded James River Capital in 1995 and has run a successful business ever since. Jeremy is responsible for helping guide the strategic direction of Bow River's registered asset management business including investment oversight, research and product development.

James River Capital is based in Richmond, Virginia. The Company offers commodity trading, investment management, advisory, and other related services. Mr. Wham is responsible for overseeing operations of Bow River Capital and its funds, as well as, engaging specialized and experienced personnel to advise on potential new fund opportunities.
Breaking News Alerts Real-time updates on breaking stories in Richmond. Paul Saunders is a businessman specializing in the finance and investment sector. Paul Saunders established James River Capital in the year 1995 and has maintained an effective business from that time.

Prior to Golub, Colin was an Associate at Summit Investment and completed internships in the asset management and venture capital industries. Tony James recently hired Bill Helm for the newly created role of head of real estate investments at Jefferson River Capital, a family office that invests on James' behalf.

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